Who is
Nutrigiant Biomed Co., Ltd., founded in 2009,
is composed of an excellent team with food technology and nutrition professionals.

Our core value: Profession, Integrity, and Enthusiasm
For Food supplement field, Integrity and ethics are very important!
We emphasize on quality, safety, and efficacy instead of price-oriented.

We hope that we can bring happiness, health, well-being
to people over the world and be a representative giant in nutrition (NutriGiant).
Why do you
Choose Nutrigiant
Our products are all made in Taiwan (MIT products)

It also stands for:
Manufacturing Specialization
(Safe and Outstanding quality)

Ingredients Internationalization
(Brand-name, Patented, Clinical-proved)

Treatment Functionalization
(Sufficient, Effective, Comprehensive)
What can
Nutrigiant do
Nutrigiant selects the latest and highest quality Brand –name ingredients from all over the world.
Based on our professional experience to design synergistic formula with sufficient amount to
achieve comprehensive function for our body and mind health.

Please see our own-brand product profile According to your request, we also can provide customized product to satisfy your demand.
Please contact with us!